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15.03.2020 23:31

George Stinney

George Stinney Jr. was the youngest person in the USA sentenced to death in the 20th century.

She was only 14 when executed by the electric chair.

During his trial, until the day of execution, he always carried a Bible in his hand, claiming he was innocent.
11-year-old Betty and 7-year-old Mary were accused of murdering two white daughters, found near the house where the teenager's family resided.

At that time, all jury members were white. The trial lasted only 2 hours and the sentence was given after 10 minutes.
The child's family was threatened and hampered by giving gifts to the court and then expelling them from that city.

Before the execution, George spent 81 days without seeing his parents.
He was trapped in a lone cell, 80 km from his city. He was alone without the presence of his parents or a lawyer.

Electricity was given to him with 5,380 volts.

70 years later, his innocence was finally proven by a judge in South Carolina. The device in which the two girls were killed weighed more than 19.07 kilograms. So Stinney wasn't able to lift her, she didn't have enough power to hit the two girls hard enough to kill them. The boy was innocent, someone put everything together to blame him for being just black.

Stephen King was inspired by this story in 1996 when he wrote the book Green Mile. Later, the film was made known throughout the world.