Ousmane Sembène

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Ousmane Sembène, Senegalese writer, screenwriter and director.

Date of birth: January 1, 1923, Ziguinchor, Senegal
Date and place of death: June 9, 2007, Dakar, Senegal
Education: Gerasimov Cinematography Institute, Grand Jury Prize, The President of the Italian Senate's Gold Medal, US National Film Critics Association Best Foreign Film Award, Silver Lion
Awards: Cannes Film Festival A Specific Look Award,
Books: God's Bits of Wood, Tribal Scars, Xala, Black Docker, The Money- Order with White Genesis, The Last of the Empire, O Pays, Mon Beau Peuple, Niiwam; And, Taaw, L Harmattan, Ousmane Sembène: Interviews

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The poet, writer, producer and director Ousmane Sembène, born in Senegal, the land of absence in 1923, is awarded the special honor of the queen of England in 1997. He goes to England to get his reward, attends the ceremony and makes the following speech that will go down in the eyes of the queen:

Dear sirs and ladies, I apologize for all of you that I will not continue my speech in the English language.

I am in your territory and I am shared by you in the system you own.

However, my main speech will be in my own language. Those who are curious can follow me by reading the English translation of my speech left on your seats.

When the British came, they had the Bible in their hands, and we had our land. They taught us to close our eyes and pray.

When we open our eyes; we had the Bible in our hands and our land in their hands.

We learned the religion and language of the British. New language and religion from the distant world made us obedient slaves who had to work. Every time we oppose freedom, they convinced us to fight each other and gave us weapons.

There was only a fight on our land before the British arrived. The holy religion of the British used our quarreling; made our children warriors.

They are also wild warriors who only fight their own brothers and think the world consists of English language and the Bible.

They spread diseases. They made us sick and weak with drinks we didn't know what it was. They chained our ancestors and took them to their big cities as slaves.

They built those big buildings, streets, tunnels and churches on human flesh.

To clean up themselves, to their artists, to the men of opinion; they made only human recipes that cover them. They poured medicines into our lands where all kinds of food grew. They killed us for the flammable black hell blood beneath the ground.

They knitted great pains and deadly tortures.

From each incoming ship; boats divided into two docked at our shores.

The first comers persecuted, their friends who came after him captured us with the promise of stopping the persecution. Those who come today still continue to occupy the same system.

We do not want your volunteer doctors to try new drugs, biological weapons and diseases.

We do not accept your food aid, which is actually exploiting with the economy of recycling in your imperialist system.


We reject your poor language, which makes it difficult for us to understand each other and forgets our songs and fairy tales.

We oppose your superficial theories of art within the modern world invitation that shape us by force.

We are declaring our freedom, we are born as African people and we are expelling all Europe from our land to die African.

The racism you taught us to kill each other ... The shallow-headed words of the West that you put in front of us in the name of philosophy ... All your chauvinism in the name of law ... And all the aesthetic teachings you impose as art ...

Africa will fight you until you delete it from the African territory.

Even if you do not agree, an African is at least as proud as a Westerner anywhere in the world.

Man is born with dignity. And no man needs the honor of the queens. ” He leaves the hall.

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