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Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival originating from the Indian peninsula. It is mainly celebrated in India, but it has also spread to other parts of Asia and parts of the Western world through the diaspora of the Indian subcontinent.

The Holi festival has a cultural significance among the various Hindu traditions of the Indian subcontinent. It is a feast day to eliminate and get rid of past mistakes, end up conflicts by meeting others, forget and forgive. People pay or forgive their debts, cope again with debts in their lives. Holi is also an opportunity for people to enjoy the changing seasons and make new friends in the beginning of spring, the beginning of the new year.


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#Dababy released her new album during these quarantine days.

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The habitat of this species is mainly Mexico Chalco Lake and Mexico's mountain lakes. They also hibernate when the temperature of the water drops below 10 degrees. Their length can be up to 25 cm. Their tails are half their height. They reach adulthood at the age of 1.5 - 2 years. They are carnivores, they can regenerate their severed limbs in an average of 1-2 months. Their lifespan is 15 years. Because it is used in food in Mexico, its generations are running out rapidly. "Aksolotl is one of the best known of the Mexican mole salamanders belonging to the tiger salamander group. The larvae of this species cannot undergo metamorphosis, so adults live in water and have gills."

Scientific name: Ambystoma mexicanum
Length: 23 cm Encyclopedia of Life
Top class: Ambystoma
Protection status: In Critical Danger (Descending)
Taxon Step: Type
Sort: Salamander

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I love this new feature. Great songs are playing. Was this feature always available? Or am I just noticing?


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Today, I received 2 offers on being a lover so that the rate of getting an annual lover offer for 1 year increased from 0.5% to 0.10%.
And I'm too scared of darkness and over-height.