Women's Trips Dictionary

0 07.11.2019 00:35

Whatever you want: You don't do what I say, but you will!
You know: If it's tight, don't do what I say!
No need: Gayette required.
Ok: Imitate the dead!
You're right: It replaces almost all profanity.
I know: I know how to get your life out of your nose.
Anyway: This isn't over here. I'il calculate with you later.
It is true: I wrote it somewhere, you're done.
Never mind.
The moon is ok: Get out of there now.
Well: She is the mother and even the father of all trips.
If she stops: The trailer ends and the movie starts.


07.11.2019 01:18

I'm not trying to understand women anymore. Because womens almost impossible to understand.

17.11.2019 22:28

When women get angry, they don't trip from the bottom.
If you take from the bottom will trip.
women trip.
I don't even understand us.

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