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14.05.2020 00:46

Social media measurement

Social media monitoring, social media measurement or social listening; is the process of determining and evaluating what is said about the company, individual, product or brand on social media.

The social media monitoring process begins with determining the target to be achieved and the expected result of the process. The expected outcome varies depending on the goal and is usually measured by various indicators.

This is followed by the identification of possible social strategies to be used to achieve the goal. The next step is to develop and configure the strategies developed. Then, creating tools to facilitate the data collection process.

At the next stage, strategies and tools are tracked in real time. This step checks the quality of the data collection methods used. At the final stage, the data collected from the system is analyzed and, if necessary, refined during execution to improve the #methodology used. It ensures that the obtained result is more in line with the target set in the first stage.