Status sharing

After completing the steps after the membership process, you can share posts directly from the stream section on the main page.

   When sharing posts, there is no character limit.

   You can also upload photos and share videos as links to stimulate perception.

   You should use #hashtags in post sharing, provided that the shared posts create awareness and do not go beyond the purpose of the Frigbo platform.

Creating a title (post)

First of all, before asking to open the title, it is useful to search the title you will open from the search field on the site and check whether there are the same or similar issues. Duplicate issues can be removed from the site.
    When opening the paper title, the correct category should be selected in relation to the topic. Headings should not be entered in an irrelevant category.
    The answer to the question should not be entered in the title description section. Question description section is for entering an annotation about the question if necessary.
    Additional information by private message, etc. in the title description section. requests cannot be made. The title should be descriptive, without the need for a private message.
    Paper titles should be understandable and clear.
    Attention should be paid to spelling and punctuation marks.
    All letters of the titles should not be written in capital letters.
    All topics such as follow-up, asking about other members' earnings and asking for likes should be opened in the chat category.
    To open a title, you need to click the Notify button on the computer and click the pencil button on the bottom of the mobile phone.
    After all is completed, you can publish your question by clicking the Submit button.
    If you ask questions that contain swearing, insulting or illegal content, your account will be permanently closed.
    If you violate the rules of asking questions too much, asking for new questions may be blocked by the system for a while.


Irrelevant and irrelevant comments should not be made with the title.
     Comments should not contain insults, swearing and illegal text.
     Comments must be original. What is the original content?
     Copy and paste content from other sources should not be entered. What is duplicate content?
     Do not tag other members irrelevant to draw attention to the title.
     To delete or edit a comment: How to delete or change a comment?
     You cannot comment on the titles of the members who have blocked or blocked you.