Sharing rules

Cursing, Insult, No Threat!
Profanity (including abbreviations), insults and threats are forbidden. Please keep our level and express ourselves properly.

All Reviews Have to Be Constructive!
All posts do not pass moderator approval. For this reason, even if you personally consider any post "unnecessary", do not distort the subject by mentioning the unnecessary post in the comment section. All criticism in the group must be constructive!

Discuss Your Ideas, Not Individuals!
Attack on personality within the group ("Ad hominem") is strictly prohibited! Likewise, provocative comments are prohibited. Make sure that you attack only the ideas and arguments of the people in the group and not attack their personal qualities and personalities.

Do Not Share Link Straight!
For example, if you share the link of the content you see on a site, add at least 2-3 sentences about it and add something from yourself. Thus, we do not consider it "Spam" or "Advertising".

Don't Share The Same Content Again!

We try to prevent the same content from being shared over and over. Please do not repeat the post shared within the site in the last 2 months. Use the search box before sharing anything.

Don't Raise Everything!
It is not necessary for everyone to comment on everything, to enter into any discussion. If you find a topic unnecessary, don't be involved. Find another post that interests you or teach it by sharing it well.

You Are Responsible For Everything You Share!
It may not reflect the opinions of Frigbo's legal personality or site managers written by people using the group or moderation. The person sharing is responsible for everything shared in Frigbo.

Advertising, Social Calls and Events are Forbidden
Only sharing events such as scientific conferences, seminars and meetings are allowed in Frigbo. Individual advertisements are not allowed, except for scientific surveys.

Show Evidence!
If you have a claim, you have to base it on reliable scientific resources and produce evidence of your claims. Unfounded claims are not included.

Use English Properly!
You are not expected to be a poet; however, the content you write should be understandable and should at least reasonably comply with basic spelling, grammar and punctuation marks.

Why is my account closed?

If you closed your account on your profile page yourself, your account cannot be opened again.

If you have not closed your account at your own discretion, the account may be closed for the following reasons.


    Entering copy content.
    The content entered in the Phrygian should be original. Copy content should not be taken as it is from other sources. What is the original content?
    Using swear or insulting content or hate language.
    Ask the same topics over and over again by making changes to the letter.
    Advertising constantly.
    Mass advertising to other members via private message.
    Making negative / negative comments that exceed the level of criticism about the site or trying to create a negative perception about the site.
    Deliberately making irrelevant comments.
    Not paying attention to the categories.
    Not being a member with a real email address.
    Uploading pornographic images.
    contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey or enter content that could create legal problems.
    Ignoring the warnings from the moderators.


    If you think you have not done any of the reasons for account closure, you can appeal to close your account.
    Appeals are usually concluded within 3 days and if your appeal is accepted, you can log in to the site again.
    In this process, you can try to enter the site from time to time. If your account has been opened, you can login to the site.
    No notification message or e-mail regarding whether your account has been opened is not sent. If you are still unable to log in to your account after one week, your objection has been rejected.
    If you closed your account yourself, do not fill out the appeal form. Your account cannot be reopened.
    You can make your appeal via the appeal form here.
    Appeals from different channels, email or contact form will not be considered.

Spam and fake accounts

It is forbidden to open a fake account and / or to share spam with these accounts for advertising purposes. Fake accounts are closed as soon as they are detected. Accounts that make spam receive a warning first and then are closed.

If you encounter spammy content and fake accounts, you can complain to us. You can let us know by clicking on the 3-dot section to the right of the content you encounter and clicking Complain sharing. Thus, the Frigbo team can immediately process these accounts.

Sensitive content and harassment

Frigbo is a platform with personal freedom of thought. However,

Sexual posts,
Shares that encourage people to commit crimes,
Sharings containing insults, hatred, hate speech,
Political and religious propaganda posts are prohibited.

  It is also forbidden to harass any member sexually or emotionally through Frigbo and is a crime in many countries. When such a situation arises, the information of the person or persons who carried out the harassment incident will be shared with the legal institutions without leaving the scope of the personal data protection law.

  If you encounter situations such as sensitive content and harassment, you can report it to us by clicking on the 3-dot section to the right of the content you encounter and clicking on the report complaint option.