What is Frigbo?

Frigbo is a free sharing site where people transfer their information digitally and at the same time interact and manage socially and collectively.
In Frigbo, you can write freely within the community rules without censorship, format restrictions and modernity barriers.
You can enlighten people by reflecting your own style.

We love the sharing of information.
You can add content and comments, and vote for those that have been added.
You can create a group related to your area of interest and subscribe to the established groups.

Setting a username

You can add your real name to your profile to provide more information to your followers.

Also, if there is a choice of username that you choose to praise or disprove any religion, thought, sexuality, racism, war, then the Frigbo team can close this user account without warning.

How can I become a member?

Being a member of Frigbo is completely FREE! You can become a member using Facebok, Google+ accounts or Email address. When signing up, set a great username and tell us your gender and date of birth. You will be asked to choose at least 3 subjects so that you can follow it from behind. After choosing your favorite topics, your membership will be completed after you fill in the required fields about your personality, relationship status and professional status. You can also use a photo of your choice as a profile picture.