Who are the moderators, what are their powers?

Moderators are volunteer Frigbo members who temporarily hide violating posts. The posts hidden by the moderators are examined by the admin (manager) team and the managers make the final decision about sharing. Sharing is either returned to the site or completely removed from the site.

     The following images are used in addition to the moderator and admin (admin) member names:

     Their powers will be updated as soon as possible.

What are the reasons for sharing hide / remove?

Any content provided by members can be edited or removed in accordance with the rules and in order to maintain the quality of the site content. When the sharing is removed, an information message is sent to the member.

    The account of the member who has been found to share too many rules against the rules can be frozen by the Administrators or Über Moderators. Sharing cannot be done with the frozen account. After the examination on the account, the account can be reactivated by sending an alert or it can be canceled completely if necessary.

    Reasons for sharing are:

    - Image Usage of 3rd Persons: Shared photos of another person without permission are removed.

     Irrelevant Sharing: Irrelevant posts that don't contain enough detail to understand and / or a single word or just a link are removed.

Irrelevant Sexual Sharing: Sexual questions that do not contain any details, do not seek sincere views and / or help, are removed even if they are tagged with sexuality issues.

  Rough Sharing: Any abusive, insulting and / or profanity posts targeting any member, person or group member are removed.

Sharing Targeted Brands: There are many brands we host in Frigbo, and the content of the brand's offensive, evil / humiliating shares are removed for this reason.

Provocative Shares: Shares containing provocation, provocation and humiliation about any religion, race, language are removed under this heading.

Objectionable Sharing: It is removed when illegal shares are detected.

Spelling Error / Unnecessary Uppercase Usage: If all sharing is done using the CAPITAL LETTER or spelling / spelling mistakes make sharing unintelligible, those shares are removed. In addition, the shares, which are all foreign languages ​​and make them incomprehensible, are also removed.

SPAM Sharing: Shares made for copying and pasting from other sites in the form of copy-and-paste, contact information or personal information from other sites are removed with the purpose of advertising or troll members.

Insufficient Content: Despite the fact that it does not contain sufficient details regarding the content of the question, the shares consisting of meaningless letter / character combinations, in which the words used in the detail do not make sense about the content, are removed.

Sharing Not In Question Format: Shares that are not compatible with the question / answer format of the site are removed. Shares that are not in question format can be published as I think.

Question Update: Posts that are not in compliance with the rules are removed.

Excessive Sexual Sharing: Excessive sexual content that is against the law or disturbing other members is removed.

Sharing Targeted Members: Shares that are subject to any member are removed.

Insufficient Title: Shares that do not contain enough details about the subject or contain too many spelling errors, with a title only consisting of spaces or punctuation marks are removed.

Sharing for Communication Purposes: Shares for meeting, following, tracking, communication with private messages are removed.

Survey Options: If the survey options are irrelevant to the question in the survey questions, sharing will be removed.

Repeated: Shares added to the site more than once by the same user are removed.

Previously asked: Very similar questions about the same topic can be combined or removed entirely.

Under 18: To be a member of Frigbo, you must be over 18 years old. The members who are found to be under the age of 18 are removed from their shares and their accounts are canceled.

Who can be a Moderator?

Moderators are selected by the management among the site members. In order to become a Frigbo moderator, the following criteria are taken into consideration:
  To know the rules of the site very well, to be constructive and helpful in sharing on the site, to use the English spelling language correctly.

Can moderators cancel their account?

Moderators cannot cancel accounts. Super Moderators can freeze accounts temporarily.