What is Frigbo?

Frigbo is an interactive communication network, a social network where registered users can express themselves in current social, political, economic or other issues, communicate and connect with others.
Frigbo is a network where people transfer their information digitally and enable members to share information by interacting.
In Frigbo, you can write freely within the community rules without censorship, format restrictions and modernity barriers.
You can enlighten people by reflecting your own style.

We love the sharing of information.
You can add content and comments, and vote for those that have been added.
You can create a group related to your area of interest and subscribe to the established groups.

What are user badges?

There is a Badge system for members and editors on our Frigbo.com site. Badges are awarded as a result of interactions between members and editors with Frigbo.com. The purpose of these badges that we give to our members as a result of their interactions is to increase the interaction between the members and Frigbo.

Another purpose is to give gifts with some of these badges that our members earn.

Frigbo reserves the right to make any changes to the Badge-Badges system it has created for its members and editors. According to the advancing potential of the Frigbo.com site, it may change the terms of the badges it provides for its users.
It is the badge we give to the articles we publish on our site according to the number of comments made by our members;

Master Reviewer

Spam comments are deleted by us.
Our badges are awarded to our members for a special privilege for the activities performed by Frigbo.com in the future.

Maybe we can also give very special gifts.

How do I change my password?

After logging in to your account, you can go to the Settings page in the top right menu, set and save your new password. Or you can do this quickly by going to https://frigbo.com/user/password this link. You should not forget that your password you will change has a strong combination.

How can I become a member?

Being a member of Frigbo is completely FREE! You can become a member using Facebok, Google+ accounts or Email address. When signing up, set a great username and tell us your gender and date of birth. You will be asked to choose at least 3 subjects so that you can follow it from behind. After choosing your favorite topics, your membership will be completed after you fill in the required fields about your personality, relationship status and professional status. You can also use a photo of your choice as a profile picture.

If you subscribe using your Email address, an activation message will be sent to this address you reported. You need to confirm this activation message sent in order to share. After the approval process is completed, you can start sharing as you wish!

I forgot my password, what should I do?

When logging in, if you click the " Forgot your password? " link and enter the email address registered in the member account, the password renewal message will be sent to the email address.

It may take up to 5 minutes for the password renewal email to arrive.

How can I change my profile picture (avatar)?

You can change your profile picture by going to the 'Settings' page from your account menu. After clicking the 'Update' button next to the profile picture on this page, you can upload a new picture if you wish, or choose a site avatar suitable for the personality type you specified in your profile.

Can I change my member name?

No member name changes are made. If you wish, you can apply to the site administration. If it is deemed appropriate, it is allowed to replace it for once.

How do I change my email address?

After logging into your account, you can go to the Settings page in the top right menu, change the Email address and save it.

What is the hash score? What does it do?

Karma score increases as a result of your specific activities on the site. It can also decrease. The hash score determines your status on the site and the more your hash score is, the more your posts stand out.