v 1.7.3 22 March 2020 General RSS system Category based RSS system v 1.7.2 January 18, 2020 User new homepage (/home) Providing content display according to user interest Question & Answer system (In passive state) Radio infrastructure established Station added v 1.7.1 November 15, 2019 Multilingual infrastructure created English language added Page orientation by browser language v 1.7 September 1, 2019 Category system created User birth date field added Global Ranked, ranked by user ratings (/ranked) When adding or editing content on the homepage, using ajax, the screen will not be refreshed. Automatic ad display after certain content on some pages Popup block message v 1.5.1 August 7, 2019 Micro blog feature has been added. Poll is added to micro blogs. Message system UI & UX PWA settings done Registration verification (Blacklist: domain, username, e-mail) Antibot protection added to forms v 1.5 22 June 2019 Survey feature added. Privacy mode (serves to turn off online viewing from the Online page) Random content page added Notification system Added special pages for administrators (rank, uptcv) Collection system (In passive state) Added statistics for each user (Top rated and Top rated content page) RSS bot system that draws news from news agencies (In passive state) v 1.3.2 February 18, 2019 Popular titles. Autocomplete in calls Thematic mode Private messaging Help pages added v 1.3.1 January 10, 2019 Hashtags Online page, a page showing the information of online users and visitors Mixed points system, earning and losing points as a result of certain activities on the site Badge system, badge system that the user can earn by sharing his knowledge on the site Content like & dislike feature v 1.0 January 2, 2019 Core installation and development User tracking system